Importing your car from Australia

August 6, 2019 in United Kingdom

Looking for a guide and some tips on importing your vehicle into the United Kingdom?

If you are interested in importing your vehicle and find this guide overwhelming don’t hesitate to get in touch with a company that is local to the United Kingdom to assist with the process of importing your vehicle.

Documents, documents, documents.

To get started you’ll require a few things – the vehicle’s documentation is the first thing to check over. Having the registration document is incredibly important when establishing a successful importation of your vehicle.

Any documentation that you have for the Australian vehicle can be crucial for ensuring an easy registration and it cannot be stressed enough that paperwork is key.

If you are a transferring resident there is a plethora of information required simply to prove that you have lived in the country of origin for a certain period of time. So that’s also worth bearing in mind.

Sales invoices are handy to have if the vehicle isn’t being imported under the tax relief scheme to calculate import taxes – but in most cases, you’ll want one anyway to provide additional proof of ownership of the vehicle.

Cleaning your car?

Imported vehicles into the United Kingdom are sometimes inspected – and one of the worst things that can happen is for a dirty car to enter the United Kingdom.

Cleaning the undercarriage ensures that the vehicle isn’t stopped whilst it awaits further checks to ensure that no pathogens are on the vehicle.

Deregister your vehicle

All vehicles from Australia will have to be deregistered before shipping – so ensure that you understand the process.

Insure your vehicle

Take out some marine insurance to cover your vehicle

C104A Tax relief

August 6, 2019 in United Kingdom

If you are looking to import your vehicle tax-free into the United Kingdom then the only real option is to apply for ToR relief. Unless the VAT has already been paid within the EU in which case you won’t be required to pay VAT in most circumstances.

The C104A form is required to declare the import of private motor vehicles from outside of the European Union.